Thandavam Vikram Tamil Movie Review

Arjun September 30, 2012 1
Thandavam Vikram Tamil Movie Review
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A L Vijay’s latest flick Thandavam is a kind of OKAY movie for those who are interested in seeing Vikram in a very refreshing style.After a few very successful Melo-Dramas like Daivathirumakal, Madirasi Pattanam and Kireedom, the director tries to change his track a little bit this time.He intends to produce an Action packed Thriller which revolves around three main characters. Shivakumar/Keny Thomas, done by Vikram is leading the script, equally and strongly supported by Telugu Actor Jagapati Babu as Sharath and Anushka Shetty as Meenakshi.

Thandavam Vikram Anushka ShettyThe story is all about the blind, Keny Thomas who is a choir pianist (also a “part time serial killer”!!), his past as RAW Agent Shivkumar and his Revenge. The film has been inspired from ‘Danial Kish’- an American expert in human echolocation (But that doesn’t mean that Mr.Kish is a Serial Killer or a RAW Agent!!).He also appears in the film as himself. Vikram has been brilliant in his body Language and gestures and it is really great to notice that that bloody boy ‘Anniyan’, who was disturbing him right from 2005, has left him. Thank God!! London episodes of the film have been brilliantly picturised by Cinematographer Nirav Shah. Antony sensibly cut the film very well, even though he forgot to apply his scissors on some unwanted sequences in the second half of the film.

Vikram AnushkaLength of the film itself is one of its major drawbacks. The film lags terribly in its second half. It was said in the Trailers and Promos that Thandavam will be an UNSUAL Revenge Story. But it is sad to say that anything and everything in the film are pretty much usual.  Director Vijay’s script has all elements of a typical Indian Revenge Story.It has got a RAW Agent as a Hero, who loses his most lovable wife in a terrorist attack, a “SUSPENCE” villain, 3-4 songs and Action Sequences. The script also lacks logic, which is a common mistake for many Indian Thrillers.Songs by G V Prakashkumar are average ones, but the music director fails to produce engaging Background Scores.

Well, Thandavam is not that film for those who love Tamil Masala Entertainers. (You cannot find a single ITEM DANCER at any stage of the movie).So theaters with Thandavam on screens may not be the right place for those genres.

Go for it if you have got time and month end incentives in your wallets (Both in Excess Quantity) !!!

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